Savor Smart

Savor Smart is an AI-powered nutrition coach that serves as your personal assistant for achieving optimal health by considering your health conditions and dietary restrictions. It provides personalized meal plans, health advice, and coaching through an interactive chatbot.

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how to use:
To use Savor Smart, you can simply chat with the AI nutrition chatbot on WhatsApp. The chatbot will ask you questions about your health conditions, dietary preferences, and goals. Based on your responses, it will provide personalized meal plans, healthy recipes, and guidance to help you make the right food choices for your unique needs. You can also connect wearables and devices to the app for a comprehensive health tracking experience.
Core freatures:
Personalized meal plans according to dietary preferences and health goalsAI-powered nutrition chatbot for guidance and supportData diary to log meals and track progressIntegration with wearables and devicesAccess to dieticians for professional consultationsPartnerships with grocery stores and last-mile delivery services for convenient access to healthy ingredients
Use case:

Weight loss: Savor Smart can help you lose weight by providing tailored meal plans and coaching to make healthy food choices.

Blood sugar control: By making right food choices, Savor Smart can assist in controlling blood sugar levels.

Reducing medication use: Through personalized nutrition and coaching, Savor Smart aims to help reduce medicine usage by up to 34%.

Increased energy: The app’s contextual reminders and timely meal and drug intake suggestions can help you have more energy throughout the day.

FAQ list:
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