SaveDay is a Telegram bookmarking bot that allows users to save and organize a wide range of content, including web pages, articles, PDFs, YouTube videos, and podcasts. With AI-driven search capabilities, users can easily retrieve their saved items and enjoy article and YouTube video summaries. SaveDay offers seamless organization and enhanced productivity.

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how to use:
To use SaveDay, simply add the bot to your Telegram app and start saving content. You can save content by sending the link or file to the bot, and it will automatically organize it for you. To retrieve saved content, use the search function and enter relevant keywords. SaveDay will provide instant summaries for articles and YouTube videos, allowing you to quickly consume information. You can also share saved content with others using stunning templates.
Core freatures:
Save and organize various types of contentAI-driven search capabilities for easy retrievalInstant summaries for articles and YouTube videosShareable key notes with stunning templatesSeamless integration with Telegram
Use case:

Students – summarize long articles for easy reading

Researchers – save research resources for easy reference

Entrepreneurs – quickly share knowledge with teams

Content creators – capture inspirations and search them back for writing

Designers – save and search design inspirations

Knowledge lovers – capture and consume knowledge from multiple sources

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