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Sana is an AI-powered learning platform that helps organizations find, share, and harness knowledge to achieve their missions. It enables the creation of engaging live and self-paced learning experiences, increases employee engagement and knowledge retention, simplifies live learning, and organizes knowledge with smart automations and intuitive analytics.

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how to use:
To use Sana, start by booking an introductory session to learn more about the platform. Then, explore the different solutions it offers, such as creating live and self-paced learning experiences, managing knowledge, and enhancing employee onboarding, leadership development, sales enablement, and compliance training. Sana’s AI-powered features streamline content creation, offer personalized learning experiences, provide actionable analytics, automate administrative tasks, and integrate with other tools.
Core freatures:
Create engaging live and self-paced learning experiences in minutesSave employees time and increase engagement with personalized learningSimplify and enhance live learning with interactive sessionsOrganize knowledge with smart automations and intuitive analyticsAutomate user onboarding and offboardingCustomizable reporting and analyticsIntegrations with HR systems and other toolsAI-assisted content generation and suggestionsReal-time collaborative editingMultimedia and third-party embeddingGamification and project assignment uploadAdaptive and role-catered learning pathsCollaborative content creationIntuitive drag and drop editor
Use case:

Employee onboarding: Create immersive onboarding programs tailored to each hire and aligned with your company culture.

Leadership development: Provide leaders and managers with an exceptional learning experience.

Sales enablement: Equip modern sellers with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge for success.

Compliance training: Turn annual compliance programs into effective behavior change.

Customer education: Scale external training with consumer-grade UX and enterprise-level administration.

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