SageFusion is an artificial intelligence asset management platform that offers a second opinion on investments for accredited investors. It provides low-correlated returns, real-time audits of trades, no lock-up periods, and anonymous trading.

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how to use:
To use SageFusion, follow these steps:
1. Schedule a meeting to discuss your investment needs.
2. Open a brokerage account powered by Interactive Brokers with funds held at Interactive Brokers, Member SIPC.
3. Allow SageFusion to allocate your investment into multiple investments based on trend forecasting.
4. Monitor your portfolio and investment decisions through the SageFusion platform.
5. Access your funds within 48 hours and withdraw cash whenever you need it.
Core freatures:
Artificial intelligence asset managementLow-correlated returnsReal-time audits of tradesNo lock-up periodsAnonymous tradingTrend forecastingAdvanced statistical modelsFinancial statement analysisSocial media analysisSIPC insurance for eligible cash
Use case:

Accredited investors seeking a second opinion on their investments

Individuals and companies aiming to maximize returns while preserving capital

Venture capitalists looking for investment opportunities

Wealth management professionals seeking transparent, liquid, and anonymous trading options

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