Runway is an applied AI research company shaping the next era of art, entertainment, and human creativity. They develop multimodal AI systems that enable new types of creative tools.

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how to use:
To use Runway, sign up for a free account and access their AI Magic Tools. These tools allow you to generate videos, images, and animations using text, images, or video clips. You can also train your own custom AI model, remove backgrounds from videos, create slow-motion videos, and much more.
Core freatures:
AI Magic Tools: A collection of over 30 tools for generating videos, images, and animations.Text to Image: Generate images using text prompts.Infinite Image: Expand images infinitely with simple text prompts.Image to Image: Remix the style and composition of any image.AI Training: Train your own custom AI model on specific subjects and styles.Inpainting: Remove objects or people from videos.Slow Motion: Create super slow-motion videos.Frame Interpolation: Make images move by generating interpolated frames.Green Screen: Instantly remove the background from videos.
Use case:

Artistic creation and experimentation

Content generation for social media or marketing

Video or film production

Data visualization

Storytelling and imagemaking

FAQ list:
What is Runway’s mission? What are Runway’s Gen-1 and Gen-2 products? Can I try Runway for free? What can I do with Runway’s AI Magic Tools? Who are Runway’s customers?


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