Robovision is a computer vision AI platform that allows businesses to manage vision intelligence in smart machines. It enables companies to introduce AI in dynamic environments without the need for AI experts.

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how to use:
To use Robovision, businesses can request a demo to explore the platform’s capabilities. The platform offers a powerful Vision AI platform to cover the full AI life cycle. Users can easily develop and adapt AI quickly on their own, without dependency on the IT department or consultancy services. With Robovision, businesses can build a risk-free and cost-optimized AI foundation that improves revenue growth.
Core freatures:
Central platform to manage vision intelligenceAI adaptation without AI expertsFull AI life cycle supportOperational independenceScalable AI roll-outsEasy adaptation and expansion of vision applicationsReal-time, on-premises automation solutions with Robovision Edge
Use case:

Revolutionize Agtech in the agriculture industry

Optimize and automate manufacturing processes

Improve clinical applications and medical imaging in healthcare

Adopt frictionless-shopping technology in the retail industry

Enhance quality control and defect detection in various industries

Integrate computer vision into horticulture robots

Improve CT-scan diagnosis in healthcare

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