RingleDingle is a fun and friendly e-greeting card service that uses advanced AI technology to generate personalized poems for your loved ones. You can choose from a variety of voices to narrate the poem and include custom audio with a backing track. The card also includes an image of the poem as interpreted by DALLE, an AI system.

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how to use:
1. Enter your email and recipient information.2. Select a celebrity voice to narrate your poem.3. Our AI technology will generate a personalized poem describing the recipient.4. Choose the poem you like, and our system will generate the full e-greeting card or email.5. The card includes an audio file, AI narration, and an image of the poem.
Core freatures:
AI-narrated e-greeting cardsPersonalized poemsCustom audio with celebrity voicesImages of poems as interpreted by DALLE
Use case:

Sending funny and personalized e-greeting cards

Expressing special occasions or events

Surprising loved ones with custom audio messages

Creating a fun and friendly experience for recipients

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