RhetorAI is a conversational user survey platform powered by AI. It automates user interviews by asking deep follow-up questions based on user feedback, providing actionable insights for businesses.

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how to use:
To use RhetorAI, simply create an interview link in just 5 minutes. Once the link is created, the AI is available 24/7 to interview your users and gather feedback. You can add the link to your website or email to collect interview transcripts automatically. RhetorAI stores all the transcripts, allowing you to review them anytime. The AI is trained to ask expert follow-up questions, eliminating the need for crafting perfect questions.
Core freatures:
RhetorAI offers the following core features:
– Automated user interviews with deep follow-up questions
– Continuous feedback collection 24/7
– AI-driven insights into user motivations and pain points
– Storage of all interview transcripts for future reference
– Summarization feature to identify and prioritize important insights
– Ability to test price sensitivity, understand benefits, gauge product stickiness, find word-of-mouth growth, prioritize features, get design feedback, understand user journey, and discover unexpected use cases
Use case:

RhetorAI can be used for various purposes, including:
– Testing price sensitivity
– Understanding the main benefit of a product
– Gauging product stickiness
– Finding word-of-mouth growth opportunities
– Prioritizing features
– Gathering design feedback
– Understanding the user journey
– Discovering unexpected use cases

FAQ list:
How do I get started with RhetorAI? Can I use RhetorAI to test prototypes and mockups? How do I know that the insights I get from RhetorAI are reliable?


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