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Resume Worded is an online platform that offers free instant feedback on resumes and LinkedIn profiles. It provides users with detailed feedback on how to improve their resumes and make them more effective in attracting job opportunities and interviews. The platform is designed by top recruiters and uses AI-powered technology to analyze resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

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how to use:
To use Resume Worded, users can start by uploading their resume or LinkedIn profile for a free expert review. The platform will then analyze the content and provide personalized feedback on areas that need improvement. Users can also tailor their resumes to specific job descriptions in seconds using the targeted resume feature. Additionally, users can optimize their LinkedIn profiles to increase visibility and generate more job leads and opportunities. The platform offers various resume templates, networking email templates, and career advice to further enhance users’ job search strategies.
Core freatures:
Score My Resume: Get a free expert review of your resume instantlyTargeted Resume: Tailor your resume to a specific job description in secondsLinkedIn Review: Get personalized feedback on your LinkedIn profileResume Templates: Access Google Docs and Word resume templatesCareer Advice: Get valuable tips and guidance for improving your career prospectsNetworking Email Templates: Access pre-written email templates for networking purposesFor Resume Writers: Tools specifically designed for resume writersFor Career Coaches and Organizations: Features and resources for career coaches and organizationsResume Worded Pro: Premium features and benefits for advanced users
Use case:

Job seekers looking to improve their resumes and increase their chances of getting interviews and job offers

Professionals seeking to optimize their LinkedIn profiles and expand their network for career opportunities

Resume writers and career coaches looking for tools and resources to assist their clients

Educational institutions and career development programs aiming to enhance student outcomes and provide career coaching services at scale

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