ResearchRabbit is a powerful discovery app designed for researchers. It helps users easily find relevant literature, stay updated with personalized recommendations, visualize author networks, and collaborate with others.

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how to use:
To use ResearchRabbit, sign up for an account. Once logged in, users can start collecting papers by adding them to their own collections, similar to creating playlists in Spotify. The app learns user preferences and improves its recommendations over time. Users can also stay updated with the latest papers related to their collections through personalized digests. ResearchRabbit offers interactive visualizations of networks of papers and co-authorships, allowing users to explore related research in depth. Additionally, the app provides collaboration features, enabling users to work together on collections and leave comments. Integration with Zotero, a popular reference management tool, is also available.
Core freatures:
Intuitive explorationPersonalized recommendationsPowerful visualizationsDiscover authorsNon-spammy alertsSharing and collaborationZotero integration
Use case:

ResearchRabbit is suitable for researchers who want to streamline their literature search and discovery process. It is particularly helpful for those who want to easily create collections of related papers, receive relevant recommendations, visualize research networks, and collaborate with peers. The app is designed to save time and improve productivity in academic research.

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