Rerun is an SDK for logging computer vision and robotics data paired with a visualizer for exploring that data over time. It allows users to debug and understand the internal state and data of their systems with minimal code.

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how to use:
To use Rerun, developers can log data to the Rerun SDK, which takes care of visualizing the data. Rerun handles live streams from multiple processes across the network and can also play back recordings. The Rerun Viewer creates configurable visualizations based on the logged data and allows users to scroll back and forth in time. Users can toggle between different timelines, such as log time and sensor time, to explore the data in multiple ways.
Core freatures:
Rerun offers the following core features:
– Logging and visualization of computer vision and robotics data
– Live streams from multiple processes
– Playback of recorded data
– Automatic construction of visualizations with sane defaults
– Configurable visualizations based on data relationships
– Scrollable timeline for exploring data over time
– Support for different timelines, e.g. log time and sensor time
– Built for speed and fast exploration
– Customizable toolkit for layout, data transforms, and shaders
– Embeddable views in other applications
– Built using Rust for flexibility, speed, and portability
– Custom renderer using high-performance wgpu
– In-memory data store built on top of Arrow
– Viewer built with an end-to-end immediate mode architecture using egui
Use case:

Rerun is designed for computer vision and robotics applications. It can be used in various use cases including:
– Debugging and understanding internal state and data of computer vision and robotics systems
– Visualizing and exploring computer vision and robotics data over time
– Analyzing and optimizing the performance of computer vision algorithms
– Monitoring and diagnosing issues in real-time computer vision and robotics applications
– Collaborative development and sharing of computer vision and robotics data
– Building and testing computer vision and robotics applications with live data streams

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