Remail is a Chrome extension for Gmail that uses artificial intelligence to draft high-quality email replies in seconds.

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how to use:
To use Remail, simply download the Chrome extension and sign in with your Gmail account. Once installed, Remail will analyze your email content and generate relevant and well-written email replies using artificial intelligence. You can choose from one-click positive or negative responses, write a few words to summarize your email and get a fully composed reply, or let Remail generate multiple options for you to choose from. It also offers additional features like scheduling links and tone customization.
Core freatures:
Artificial intelligence-powered email response draftingOne-click positive or negative responsesCustom response generation based on a few words summaryScheduling links integrationTone customizationContextual AI understanding conversation threadsMultiple response options generation
Use case:

Power email users looking to save time and improve response quality

Casual email users wanting to compose emails more efficiently

Individuals dealing with large volumes of inbound emails

Business professionals in need of a tool for drafting high-quality email responses

Students and professionals in various industries

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