Collect is an AI-powered platform that aims to extend human creativity and decision-making by enhancing memory, perception, and synthesis abilities. It leverages artificial intelligence to create tools that enable effortless recall of information during brainstorming and synthesis without disrupting workflow.

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how to use:
To use Collect, simply log in to the platform and access its features. It offers memory augmentation functionalities that assist in effortless recall of information while brainstorming and synthesizing thoughts without interrupting workflow. Users can easily access and retrieve relevant data and insights to support their creative processes.
Core freatures:
Memory augmentationPerception augmentationSynthesis augmentationEffortless information recallSeamless integration with workflowData and insights retrieval
Use case:

Enhancing memory and information recall during brainstorming

Improving perception and gaining new perspectives in decision-making

Facilitating synthesis of thoughts and ideas

Supporting creative processes in various industries

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