Reclaim AI

Reclaim AI is a powerful scheduling app for teams that uses AI to automate the planning and scheduling of tasks, habits, meetings, and breaks. It integrates with Google Calendar to optimize your workweek and create more time for productivity.

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how to use:
To use Reclaim AI, sign up with your Google Calendar account. Once connected, you can start automating your daily planning by creating smart events for tasks, habits, 1:1 meetings, and breaks. Reclaim will analyze your calendar and find the best available time slots to schedule these events. You can also integrate your favorite work tools, such as Slack and project management apps, to further streamline your scheduling process.
Core freatures:
Smart scheduling of tasks, habits, meetings, and breaksIntegration with Google CalendarAutomated finding of the best time slots for eventsScheduling links for booking high-priority and flexible duration meetingsCalendar sync to keep all calendars and availability in checkBuffer time breaks to schedule breaks around meetings and work sessionsProductivity stats analytics to track time spent on different activitiesTime blocking to maximize availability without overcrowding the calendarAI-powered optimization of workweek planning
Use case:

Teams: Reclaim helps teams in various departments, such as marketing, sales, engineering, product, finance, and HR, to defend specific time blocks, prioritize work, estimate goals, automate 1:1 meetings, and more.

Marketing: Reclaim enables marketing teams to protect time for recurring activities, book more meetings with smart scheduling links, analyze productivity stats, and auto-schedule regular 1:1 time with contractors.

Sales: With Reclaim, sales teams can book more meetings using high-priority scheduling links, auto-schedule 1:1 meetings with key accounts, maximize calendar availability, and defend time for focused work.

Engineering: Reclaim allows engineering teams to integrate project management apps with their calendar, protect time for focused work and meetings, track time across tasks and projects, and auto-schedule 1:1 meetings with the team.

HR: HR teams can prevent burnout across teams, boost productivity with no-meeting days, book interviews faster with high-priority scheduling links, automate breaks to prevent meeting fatigue, and allow employees to set working hours.

Finance: Reclaim helps finance teams auto-schedule 1:1 meetings with clients, balance meetings and focused work, defend time for recurring activities and habits, and keep the schedule flexible for new appointments.

FAQ list:
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