Quickchat AI is a technology platform that empowers companies to build their own multilingual AI assistants powered by generative AI models such as GPT?3. With Quickchat AI, companies can easily create conversational AI interfaces and connect them to any website, product, app, game, or smart device.

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how to use:
To use Quickchat AI, simply sign up for a free trial and start building your AI assistant. No technical skills or coding knowledge are required. You can start with a generic AI assistant out of the box and then customize it by uploading your own custom Knowledge Base. Once your AI assistant is ready, you can embed it on your website using the Quickchat Web Widget or integrate it with other messaging apps or your own applications using the Quickchat API.
Core freatures:
The core features of Quickchat AI include:
1. No-code platform: No technical skills or coding required to build your AI assistant.
2. Integrations & API: Easily connect your AI assistant to any website, product, app, game, or smart device using the Quickchat API.
3. Multilingual support: Create a multilingual AI assistant using the same Knowledge Base written in English.
4. Automated human handoff: Your AI assistant can automatically transfer conversations to human agents when necessary.
5. AI personality: Have control over conversation style, flow, and vocabulary to match your product, use case, and branding.
Use case:

“title”: “Customer support”,
“description”: “Automate your live chat conversations with the stunning Quickchat AI widget.”

“title”: “Knowledge sharing”,
“description”: “Build AI assistants for your clients or integrate them with your proprietary software product.”

“title”: “HR department”,
“description”: “Revolutionize your customer support, sales, and HR departments with cutting-edge AI.”

“title”: “Loan application”,
“description”: “Assist customers with loan applications for financial institutions.”

“title”: “Production expert”,
“description”: “Provide expert guidance and support in the production industry.”

FAQ list:
Can I try your product before I buy a subscription? Can I integrate your software with my Salesforce account? What languages are supported by Quickchat AI? How can I customize the conversation style, flow, and vocabulary of my AI assistant? Does Quickchat AI support automated handoff to human agents? What industries can benefit from using Quickchat AI?


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