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Public Prompts is a website created by a junior medical doctor from Lebanon who is passionate about technology and AI. The aim of the website is to provide public tools, knowledge, models, and prompts developed by the team at CompVis and Stability AI. The website supports the use of Stable Diffusion technology and offers a collection of prompts, models, and embeddings for various creative purposes.

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how to use:
To use Public Prompts, simply browse the site and choose from the available prompts, models, or embeddings. You can explore different categories such as models, prompts, and embeddings. Each category offers a variety of options to suit your creative needs. Once you find a desired prompt or model, you can click on it to access more information and instructions on how to use it. Additionally, for those interested in advanced usage, the website provides resources to run the AI locally and even train models yourself. You can also join the PublicPrompts Discord server for assistance and guidance.
Core freatures:
Collection of prompts, models, and embeddingsFine-tuned models for various creative purposesFlexible Diffusion model for image generationDreamBooth model for synthesizing different art stylesPixel Art prompts and modelsApp Icons GeneratorStable Diffusion technology for stable and controlled image generationEmbedding library for car photography and Karsh Portraits
Use case:

Creating cute stuffed animals and needle felted objects

Designing silhouette wallpapers and 3D characters

Producing comic art and psychedelic pop art

Generating space holograms and cute stickers

Creating hyper-realistic anime portraits

Building surreal micro worlds and gold pendants

Designing sport team logos and funky pop block structures

Creating low poly and isometric room designs

Generating rendered objects for various purposes

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