is a self-hosted AI automation tool that revolutionizes prompt management for any AI tool. It allows users to seamlessly integrate and manage external AI tools, customize prompts without coding, tailor pricing based on API usage, and take full ownership of their AI journey. With, users can easily connect to any AI tool, secure their data, and capture feedback from users. It also offers advanced analytics, enterprise-level setup, and customizable AI capabilities.

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how to use:
To use, you can start by installing it either by deploying the Docker Image or configuring a custom build. Once installed, you can connect and manage external AI tools through the flexible API and UI. Customize prompts, set pricing rules, and validate prompt generation results. Secure your data with the self-hosted solution. Easily import and export data. Capture user feedback with built-in sentiment analysis. Discover and attach prompt libraries and connectors to AI services. Conduct A/B testing for prompt versions to improve results. Analyze and track productivity and performance with the comprehensive dashboard.
Core freatures:
Seamless integration and management of external AI toolsNo-code prompt managementCustom pricing rules for cost controlFull ownership and control of AI journeySecure and hassle-free data managementFlexible integration capabilities with any AI toolCustomizable feedback component with sentiment analysisValidation and customization of AI modelsAI prompts libraries and connectorsA/B testing for prompt versionsAdvanced analytics and comparative result analysisEnterprise-level setup with scalable capabilitiesEfficient async processing and remote logs storageStreamlined access with SSO and SAMLComprehensive support for smooth operations
Use case:

Streamline AI workflows and optimize performance

Customize and manage prompts without coding

Ensure cost control and operational predictability

Take full ownership and control of AI journey

Securely manage and control data

Connect and utilize any AI tool of choice

Capture user feedback and analyze sentiment

Validate and customize AI models for specific goals

Discover and attach prompt libraries and connectors

Conduct A/B testing for prompt versions

Analyze and compare results for better decision-making

Implement robust AI capabilities for enterprises

Efficiently handle large-scale projects and complex designs

FAQ list:
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