PromptxAI Generative AI Playbook and App

Generative AI Playbook is a resource provided by PromptxAI to help businesses and individuals leverage the power of Generative AI for growth and innovation. It offers a collection of examples, frameworks, and techniques to get started with Generative AI.

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how to use:
To use the Generative AI Playbook, you can explore the popular examples provided, such as content generation, content ingestion, and trends impacting the future of work. You can also access the extended playbook with a generic framework that includes prompt management, LLM models, content enhancement, and other tools. Additionally, you can learn about prompt engineering techniques to optimize the performance of Generative AI applications like ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Midjourney. The playbook also provides accelerator notebooks and code libraries to help you start working with Generative AI.
Core freatures:
Collection of popular examples of Generative AIGeneric framework for prompt management, LLM models, content enhancement, and morePrompt engineering techniques for optimizing Generative AI applicationsAccelerator notebooks and code librariesTrends impacting the future of work
Use case:

Content generation

Content ingestion

Automated blog authoring

Natural language analytics and visualization

Generating diagrams from world knowledge

Understanding and analyzing unseen content

Creating model cards

Building AI-powered experience design

Navigating the risks and limitations of AI in design

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