Prodigy AI

Prodigy is an AI-powered talent scouting platform that provides access to over 100,000 highly skilled engineers from leading agencies globally. It uses deep learning and generative AI to evaluate and match candidates to specific job roles, allowing companies to find the best-fitting, pre-vetted talent through a single point of contact.

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how to use:
To use Prodigy, simply describe your ideal candidate by providing details about your team’s requirements, goals, desired skills, and cultural fit. Prodigy will then leverage its extensive network of qualified agencies to source potential candidates for your consideration. The platform’s match intelligence tool uses AI algorithms to objectively score and rank each candidate, providing you with a shortlist of the best matches. With Prodigy, you can save time and effort in the talent recruitment process.
Core freatures:
Access to over 100,000 in-demand engineers from leading agencies globallyDeep talent search using AI algorithms for accurate matchmakingVetting of recruitment agencies to ensure quality submissionsHand-picked, high-quality engineers with verified track records and skillsetsSkills-based candidate shortlists and match intelligence90-day talent probation period with free replacement or money backIndependent vetting of candidates within 48 hoursWide talent network with one point of contact for streamlined process
Use case:

Efficiently find and hire highly skilled engineers for your company

Save time and resources in the talent acquisition process

Ensure a good cultural fit and alignment with your team’s goals

Access a global network of talent pools for the deepest talent search

Simplify the hiring process by dealing with only one contact instead of multiple agencies

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