Procys is a document processing platform powered by AI that leverages cutting-edge machine learning to save you time and money. It automates the extraction of data from various types of documents such as invoices, passports, ID cards, and more.

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how to use:
To use Procys, simply upload your files in PDF, scan, or image format from your favorite cloud storage platform, email, web interface, or API. Procys will automatically interpret and label each fragment of the document in the correct fields. You can then export the processed data in a structured way in the format you need, such as UBL, CSV, or API.
Core freatures:
Self-learning engineSynchronize with your ERPOCR API powered by AIUBL ReadyCustom data extractionIntegrations
Use case:

Invoice data extraction

Passport data extraction

ID card data extraction

Accounts payable automation

FAQ list:
What types of documents can Procys extract data from? How fast is the data extraction process? What formats can the processed data be exported in? Does Procys integrate with other tools?


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