Precedent is a comprehensive link management solution designed to maximize the potential of your SaaS business. It offers data-driven growth strategies and enables precise marketing optimization based on actual revenue sources. With Precedent, you can create, manage, and measure links across all touchpoints, allowing you to attribute conversions to every marketing touchpoint.

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how to use:
1. Sign up for Precedent’s private beta by joining the waitlist.2. Once you have access, log in to your account.3. Create links for your marketing campaigns and various touchpoints.4. Use Precedent’s link management tools to manage and track the performance of your links.5. Analyze the data provided by Precedent to optimize your marketing strategies and drive conversions.
Core freatures:
Comprehensive link management solutionData-driven growth strategiesCreation, management, and measurement of linksPrecise marketing optimization based on revenue sourcesConversions attribution to every marketing touchpoint
Use case:

Optimizing marketing campaigns

Increasing engagement

Maximizing conversions

Measuring the effectiveness of different touchpoints

Understanding revenue sources

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