PopboxGPT is a powerful AI-powered GPT Chrome extension that provides instant in-browser assistance. It enhances productivity and simplifies tasks by offering intuitive browser-based AI help.

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how to use:
To use PopboxGPT, simply install the Chrome extension and launch it on any webpage. You can access its AI assistant by pressing Alt+J for instant answers to your questions. You can also expand the assistant to full-screen mode by pressing Alt+K. The extension seamlessly integrates with Chrome, making AI assistance easily accessible and efficient for everyone.
Core freatures:
PopboxGPT offers the following key features:
1. Hotkey fast-access: Instantly access the AI assistant withAlt+J hotkeys.
2. Long-term session history: Preserve your interactions and progress across multiple sessions for easy reference and continuity.
3. Free-floating window and full-screen mode: Enjoy an immersive experience with the AI assistant in a compact or expanded view.
4. Simple and easy interface: Designed for simplicity and ease, PopboxGPT provides a user-friendly interface and intuitive features.
5. Embedded modal: Effortlessly access PopboxGPT’s capabilities through its embedded modal, providing a non-intrusive and compact AI assistant that blends seamlessly with your browsing experience.
6. Available on all websites: Experience seamless AI assistance across the web with PopboxGPT, compatible with all websites.
Use case:

PopboxGPT is suitable for various use cases, including:
1. Drafting emails: Get instant AI-powered assistance while composing emails, improving efficiency and quality.
2. Conducting research: Access timely information and answers to your research queries without leaving your browser.
3. Brainstorming ideas: Get creative support and inspiration from the AI assistant while generating ideas for projects or problem-solving.
4. Multitasking: Simplify multitasking by having an AI helper right in your browser, allowing you to quickly find information and complete tasks without switching tabs.

FAQ list:
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