Podium is an AI-powered copywriting tool designed specifically for podcast producers. It streamlines podcast production by generating high-quality show notes, articles, social media posts, and more.

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how to use:
To use Podium, simply upload your podcast audio and let the AI-powered tools do the work. Podium can generate show notes, segment your episodes into chapters, provide transcripts in TXT and VTT formats, create highlight clips, and even suggest relevant keywords for better discoverability. The generated content can be easily exported and shared across various platforms. Podium saves time and money while helping reach larger audiences.
Core freatures:
AI-powered copywriting for podcast show notes, articles, and social media postsGenerated show notes provide summaries of each episode and can be easily written thanks to AI assistanceSegment episodes into chapters with an easy-to-read formatHigh-quality transcripts in TXT and VTT formats for improved accessibility and searchabilityHighlight clips feature identifies and generates timestamps and transcripts for the best moments in episodesReady-to-use social media posts for popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and InstagramKeyword suggestions to enhance podcast discoverability by fans and search engines
Use case:

Podcasters and producers can streamline their podcast production process, saving time and money

Marketing directors can leverage Podium’s AI capabilities to generate high-quality content for promotion

Engineers can benefit from the automation provided by Podium to expedite content creation tasks

FAQ list:
How much does Podium cost? Can I only get a transcript or clips from Podium? What languages are supported by Podium? How does Podium differ from other similar tools? Does Podium use ChatGPT or GPT-3/GPT-4? Who is Podium designed for?


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