Pod is an AI copilot designed for B2B salespeople. It helps streamline pipeline management and provides AI-generated playbooks to close deals faster.

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how to use:
To use Pod, sign up for a free account and add the Pod Chrome extension. As an account executive, you can consolidate your workflows in the AI-powered workspace. Pod helps you manage CRM updates, notes, tasks, and account plans all in one place. It also offers personalized emails and automated data entry. Sales leaders can use Pod to run pipeline reviews and focus on coaching their team, while revenue operations professionals can accelerate the ramp-up of new sales reps and maximize process compliance.
Core freatures:
AI-powered workspace for B2B sales teamsConsolidate workflows in a single placeCRM updates, notes, tasks, and account plansPersonalized emails and automated data entryReal-time recommendations for stakeholder engagement
Use case:

Manage pipeline efficiently and close deals faster

Collaborate with colleagues to enhance deal closure

Accelerate new sales reps’ ramp-up

Maximize process compliance

Know best practices for engaging stakeholders

Access account information easily and be prepared for meetings

Prioritize deals effectively

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