Pneumatic Workflow

Pneumatic is a free workflow management software that allows users to build, refine, and improve business processes. It streamlines businesses with workflows and integrations, providing maximum agility and efficiency. With Pneumatic, teams can easily create and manage workflows, assign tasks, track progress, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

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how to use:
To use Pneumatic, start by signing up for the free trial or creating an account. Once logged in, you can use the Workflow Template Generator to generate custom workflow templates or select from the library of pre-designed templates. Customize the templates by inviting team members, assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and adding conditions and variables. Run and manage multiple workflows, track progress, and ensure efficient collaboration and productivity.
Core freatures:
Workflow creation and managementTask assignment and trackingIntegration with existing infrastructure and softwareWorkflow automationTemplate generator for customized workflows
Use case:

Human Resources: Employee onboarding, vacation request

Sales: B2B sales process, lead qualification

Marketing: Blog publication, content development

Finance: Expense reimbursement, accounts payable

IT Operations: IT incident management, IT service request

Healthcare: COVID-19 status tracking

FAQ list:
What is Pneumatic? How do I use Pneumatic? What are the core features of Pneumatic? What are some use cases for Pneumatic? What are the pricing plans for Pneumatic?


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