Planable is a free social media collaboration and management tool trusted by marketers to plan, collaborate, approve, and schedule their social media posts. It provides a visual and intuitive platform for content creation, bringing all marketing content together in one place.

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how to use:
1. Sign up for a free account on Planable’s website.
2. Connect your social media accounts to the platform.
3. Create a workspace and invite team members to collaborate.
4. Plan and schedule social media posts using the visual feed, calendar, grid, or list view.
5. Get feedback and approval from stakeholders using comments and real-time updates.
6. Publish approved content directly to your social media channels.
Core freatures:
Content planning and schedulingCollaboration and feedbackReal-time updates and approvalsVisual feed, calendar, grid, and list viewIntegration with social media platformsWorkspace management for teams
Use case:

Social media agencies managing content for multiple clients

Enterprises with large-scale content collaboration and approval processes

Marketing teams looking to streamline their content planning and approval workflow

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