PitchGrade is an AI-powered presentation generator that helps users create high-quality and research-rich presentations in over 180 languages. With PitchGrade, writing presentations becomes a painless process, allowing users to focus on adding final touches instead of drafting the initial content.

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how to use:
Using PitchGrade is simple. First, users write a prompt for their presentation. Then, they select a mode that matches their desired presentation type. PitchGrade’s AI Presentation Generator takes these inputs and instantly creates slides for various types of presentations, including pitch decks, sales decks, marketing decks, and more. Users can customize the generated slides to fit their specific needs.
Core freatures:
AI Presentation GeneratorHigh-quality presentations in 180+ languagesInstant presentation feedback with AI Review toolCustomizable pitch decks for various purposes
Use case:

Pitching startup ideas

Presenting new products to potential investors

Creating sales decks for business proposals

Delivering marketing presentations for campaigns

FAQ list:
What types of presentations can I create with PitchGrade? How does PitchGrade provide presentation feedback? Is PitchGrade’s AI capable of creating presentations in multiple languages?


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