pipl.ai is an outbound email automation tool that helps users send cold emails at scale. It offers features like unlimited inboxes, built-in email validation and data cleansing, AI-powered sequence and template writing, and more.

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how to use:
1. Connect unlimited inboxes: Easily scale your outbound campaigns by connecting all your email accounts.2. Built-in email validation: Verify every prospect’s email address before sending your outreach to prevent bounces.3. AI copy assistant: Predict the likelihood of your email receiving a response and improve its readability.4. Warm-up campaigns: Launch warm-up campaigns for all your emails and domains to maintain good reputation and deliverability.5. Email validation & list cleansing: Save time by automating the verification of email addresses and data formatting.6. AI-generated sequences: Create whole sequences in less than a minute using AI technology.7. Personalization: Impress your prospects with personalized images, GIFs, and videos tailored to each person on your list.
Core freatures:
Unlimited inboxesBuilt-in email validationAI copy assistantWarm-up campaignsEmail validation & list cleansingAI-generated sequencesPersonalization
Use case:

Startups: Land new clients & investors and scale outreach efforts.

Agencies: Increase bottom-line by generating new business opportunities and securing partnerships.

Lead Generation Companies: Cut email automation costs, scale client campaigns, and improve deliverability and personalization.

Outbound Sales: Book appointments with ideal clients.

Link Building: Scale link building strategy and acquire more backlinks.

VC Outreach: Find investors for your next funding round.

Partner Outreach: Create win-win partnerships in your niche.

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