Pickaxe is a no-code platform that allows prompt engineers to build, share, and manage AI apps across their organization. It bridges the gap between generative AI prompts and the people who use them, empowering non-technical users to integrate AI prompts into their websites and internal dashboards.

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how to use:
To use Pickaxe, simply create an account and start building AI-powered apps using their simple, visual prompt-framing builder. You can use your own documents, data, and directions to train AI and make it work for you. Customize the design of your AI apps and embed them directly onto your website or internal dashboard. Monitor your app’s activity, view responses, give feedback, and continuously improve it as you gather more data.
Core freatures:
Create and embed GPT-4 apps in your website or internal dashboardUse your own documents, data, and directions to train AICustomize the design of your AI appsMonitor app activity, view responses, and give feedbackContinuous improvement of AI apps based on gathered data
Use case:

Online course website: Create and embed AI-powered tools to enhance the learning experience of online courses

Writer’s room: Generate creative prompts and ideas for writers

Online store: Use AI tools to provide personalized recommendations and product suggestions

Dashboard: Embed AI apps in internal dashboards for seamless access and productivity

Blog: Enhance blog content with AI-powered tools for writing, research, and engagement

Online course: Create and embed AI apps to improve course content and interaction

FAQ list:
What is a credit? Can I get more credits? How do I embed a Pickaxe on my website? Can I monetize my Pickaxes? Is there an affiliate program? How do I improve my Pickaxe? What is the enterprise tier?


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