PhotoRoom is a mobile app that allows users to create product and portrait pictures using just their phone. It provides tools to remove backgrounds, change backgrounds, retouch images, add text to photos, resize images, and generate instant shadows. It caters to various industries such as clothing & apparel, beauty, furniture, jewelry, film, and entertainment.

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how to use:
To use PhotoRoom, simply download the app on your phone. Open the app and select an image from your gallery or take a new picture. Use the ‘Remove Background’ tool to automatically remove the background from your image. You can also use tools like ‘Instant Backgrounds’ to generate realistic backgrounds, ‘Retouch’ to remove unwanted parts of the image with a swipe, ‘Blur Background’ to blur the background automatically, and ‘Add Text to Photo’ to add text. Once you’re satisfied with the editing, you can save and share your final image.
Core freatures:
Remove Background: Instantly remove backgrounds from imagesChange Background: Replace the background with a different imageRetouch: Remove unwanted objects and defects with a swipeBlur Background: Automatically blur the backgroundInstant Shadows: Generate realistic instant shadowsWhite Background: Make the background whiteBlack Background: Make the background blackImage Resizer: Resize imagesAdd Text to Photo: Add text to your imagesChange Background Color: Modify the background colorTransparent Background Maker: Make the background transparent
Use case:

Product Photography: Showcase products with professional-looking images

Portrait Photography: Create stunning portrait pictures for social media or personal use

Clothing & Apparel Industry: Capture and promote garments with high-quality photos

Beauty Industry: Enhance beauty product images for marketing and advertising

Furniture Industry: Present furniture products with clean and appealing images

Jewelry Industry: Highlight jewelry pieces with captivating visuals

Film and Entertainment Industry: Create promotional images for films and entertainers

FAQ list:
Can I use PhotoRoom on my phone? How accurate is the background remover tool? Can I remove unwanted objects from my photos? Can I edit multiple photos at once? Is PhotoRoom suitable for professional use?


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