is a digital extension of any person or brand, offering an AI model that uses their data, facts, and opinions to create a responsive and interactive experience.

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how to use:
To use, individuals or brands can create their own personal language models by training the AI with their unique data. They can then interact with their personal AI through the provided chat lounge or integrate it into their own apps and platforms.
Core freatures:
Create unique Personal Language ModelsResponsive and interactive AI experienceUse personal data, facts, and opinionsTrain and chat with personal AIIntegrate AI into apps and platforms
Use case:

Enhance personal productivity

Improve customer interactions and support for brands

Power chatbots and virtual assistants

Deliver personalized content and recommendations

Facilitate personalized learning and tutoring

FAQ list:
What is How can I use What are the core features of What are the use cases of Is pricing available for


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