Perpend is a free AI playground that allows users to experiment with OpenAI GPT models. It also offers a PLUS version for users who want direct access to OpenAI services and models.

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how to use:
To use Perpend, you need to add your OpenAI API key and select a model, including GPT-4. Once set up, you can chat with the AI, create, explore, and import prompts for both conversation and form inputs. The PLUS version offers additional features for users who have limited or no access to OpenAI services due to regional restrictions.
Core freatures:
Perpend offers the following core features:
1. Experimentation with OpenAI GPT models
2. Access to a variety of models, including GPT-4
3. Chatting with the AI
4. Creating and exploring prompts for conversations and forms
5. Importing prompt options
6. PLUS version for users with restricted OpenAI access
Use case:

Perpend can be used for various purposes, including:
1. Experimenting with AI-generated conversations
2. Generating content or ideas
3. AI-assisted form filling
4. Exploring the capabilities of OpenAI GPT models
5. Learning about the potential applications of AI

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