is a content marketing platform that helps users create high-quality content faster. It brings together data, teams, and content to prove and improve content return on investment (RoI). The platform offers tools for content creation, publishing, analysis, and project outsourcing. It also provides AI-powered features such as content briefs, collaboration, keyword tracking, and content research.

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how to use:
To use, users can sign up for a free trial or book a demo. Once registered, they can access the platform’s content marketing tools and features. Users can create and edit content using the AI-powered intelligent text editor, Pepper Docs. They can optimize their content for SEO using the SEO writing assistant. The platform also offers integrations for grammar checks and content suggestions. Users can track their content’s performance by analyzing its lifecycle and measuring return on investment. Additionally, provides access to a talent network of industry experts for content services such as video production, localization, blog writing, whitepaper content, thought leadership content, subtitling, and voice over.
Core freatures:
AI-powered content creationContent marketing analyticsSEO toolsProject outsourcingContent briefsCollaborationKeyword trackingContent researchContent templates
Use case:

Scaling content creation

Improving productivity

Reducing customer acquisition costs (CAC)

Tracking content return on investment (RoI)

Organic growth

Demand generation

Engaging with video

Creating localized content

FAQ list:
Can I use going forward? If yes, then how can I do that? What happens to my current plans? What if I am not interested in any of the new features? I am not happy with the integration, how do I cancel if I am an annual subscriber? Can I get a demo of the new product?


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