PeopleAI 2.0

PeopleAI is a platform that allows you to boost your personal brand with your very own digital twin. It leverages DigitalTwin technology to enable personalized conversations and enhance your online presence, creating an unforgettable experience for your followers.

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how to use:
1. Sign up for a PeopleAI account on the website.
2. Customize and create your digital twin by providing relevant information and preferences.
3. Integrate your digital twin into your online platforms or engage with your audience through PeopleAI’s chatbot.
4. Use personalized conversations to engage with your audience like never before and enhance your personal brand.
Core freatures:
Creation of a digital twinPersonalized conversationsEnhanced online presenceUnforgettable experience for followers
Use case:

Brand building

Audience engagement

Online presence enhancement

FAQ list:


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