Pencil is an AI Ad Generator that helps ecommerce brands and agencies create unlimited ad creatives for social media platforms. It combines generative AI and creative input from humans to deliver fast, cost-effective, and impactful ad variations.

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how to use:
1. Connect your data: Integrate your ad accounts to learn from winning ads and gain insights.2. Connect your assets: Import branding, images, videos, and product information from your store or assets library.3. Generate or receive ads: Use AI generation to create new static and video ad creatives in minutes or receive ad ideas from your Creative Assistant.4. Edit ads: Make real-time changes to ad ideas using the drag-and-drop editing experience.5. Analyze performance: Gain insights into the elements, copy, tags, and more that are driving the success of your ads.6. Compare benchmarks: Compare your messaging, tactics, and results to other brands in your sector using benchmarks.
Core freatures:
AI generation: Get static and video ad ideas for all social channels and formats in minutes using AI generation.AI predictions: Save money on ad testing with AI predictions based on over $1B in ad spend.Editing: Make changes to your ad ideas easily in real-time with a drag-and-drop editing experience.Insights: See which of your ads are working and why with insights into copy, elements, tags, and more.Benchmarks: Compare your ads’ messaging, tactics, and results to other brands in your sector.
Use case:

Lead generation: Generate ad creatives to drive customer engagement and capture leads.

Customer engagement: Create compelling ad variations to increase customer engagement and brand awareness.

Customer support: Use ad creatives to provide information and support to customers.

Brand benchmarking: Compare your ad performance to other brands in your sector to identify areas for improvement.

FAQ list:
What is Pencil? How does Pencil work? Can Pencil generate ad creatives for multiple social media channels? What insights can I gain from Pencil? Can I edit the ad creatives generated by Pencil? Is there a free trial available?


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