Peech is the ultimate AI video platform for marketers, designed to streamline video editing and optimize content marketing. With advanced NLP technology, Peech generates endless high-quality branded videos from your content, aligning with your publishing strategy to give you a competitive edge.

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how to use:
To use Peech, simply follow these steps:

1. Upload your video content to Peech.
2. Peech will automatically generate dozens of professionally edited branded videos based on your uploaded content.
3. Review the generated videos and choose the ones that best suit your needs.
4. Tweak the edited videos to control every aspect, from content editing to visual elements’ position, size, and text.
5. Publish the final video in minutes and save time and resources.
Core freatures:
+95% Time Savings: Cut 95% off your video post-production time compared to hiring external agencies or relying on internal efforts.+80% Cost Savings: Reduce design and editing costs by over 80% compared to hiring experts like video editors and graphic designers.X10 videos Productivity: Automatically create dozens of videos per month by calibrating Peech with your video creation needs and goals.All-in-one automatic process: Peech handles video and content editing, effortless snippet creation, graphic design, motion graphic design, automated aspect ratios, and translating and video editing for wide video reach.
Use case:

Content Marketing: Peech helps you amplify your content marketing efforts by generating branded videos to reach your audience and achieve your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Customer Education: Use Peech to create educational videos that explain complex concepts or demonstrate product features, ensuring your customers understand and appreciate your offerings.

Webinars: Streamline your webinar creation process with Peech by easily editing and branding your recorded sessions, making them engaging and attractive for your audience.

Events: Capture the highlights of your events and transform them into effective promotional videos with Peech, creating a lasting impression on your attendees and potential participants.

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