Pebblely AI Product Photography is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create stunning product photos in seconds. It automatically removes the background from your images and generates photos with perfect lighting, reflections, and shadows. With Pebblely, you can easily create multiple product photos in various settings and customize them to match your brand colors.

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how to use:
To use Pebblely, simply upload a regular picture of your product and the tool will automatically remove the background. Then, you can download the beautiful photos generated by Pebblely, which can be used for various marketing purposes such as social media posts, advertisements, email banners, and more. You can also resize and extend the images to any size, creating multiple pieces of content from a single generated image.
Core freatures:
Automatic background removalGeneration of beautiful photos with perfect lighting and shadowsCustomization of photos with brand colorsResize and extend images to any sizeAbility to create multiple product photos in various settings
Use case:

Small business owners

Creative agencies


E-commerce businesses

Social media marketers

FAQ list:
What kind of product photos can I create with Pebblely? How can I customize the generated photos? Can I use my own images with Pebblely? What can I use the generated photos for? How does Pebblely help save time and effort? How many free photos can I generate per month?


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