Pattern Maker AI

Pattern Maker AI is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that allows users to generate seamless vector patterns

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how to use:
To use Pattern Maker AI, you need to create an account and sign in. Once logged in, you can select a type of style or choose a random style for your pattern. You can also enhance the style with various options such as Anime, Photographic, Digital Art, Comic Book, Fantasy Art, and more. Optionally, you can provide an initial image to base your pattern on. After configuring the desired parameters, click on the ‘Generate Patterns’ button to create your seamless vector patterns.
Core freatures:
Generate seamless vector patternsUtilizes artificial intelligenceWide range of style optionsOption to enhance patternsAbility to base patterns on an initial image
Use case:

Graphic design

Textile design

Web design

Packaging design

Printed materials

FAQ list:
What types of styles can I choose from for my patterns? Can I use my own image as a base for the pattern? What are the core features of Pattern Maker AI? What are some common use cases for Pattern Maker AI?


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