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Jesse Zhang is a personal website for Jesse Zhang, the founder of Lowkey, a gaming startup that was acquired by Niantic. The website showcases Jesse’s projects and experiments in various fields including web development, machine learning, and investment.

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how to use:
To use Jesse Zhang’s website, simply visit the URL The website consists of different projects and experiments that Jesse has worked on. You can explore these projects by clicking on the provided links to play games, view visualizations, or interact with various applications.
Core freatures:
Projects and experimentsReal-time multiplayer gamesFinancial statement visualizationZero-Knowledge proofsVoice-to-DALLE conversionNFT collection lookup
Use case:

Exploring Jesse Zhang’s projects and experiments

Playing real-time multiplayer games

Visualizing financial statements

Understanding Zero-Knowledge proofs

Converting speech to DALL-E images

Looking up NFT collections

FAQ list:


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