PaletteBrain is a productivity tool for Mac users that unlocks the power of ChatGPT across all your Mac applications. It helps you write better, code faster, and get answers to your questions with the press of a shortcut.

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how to use:
To use PaletteBrain, simply press ? SPACE to open the PaletteBrain menu. It is compatible with all your Mac applications. Select a text from any application and open PaletteBrain to get responses from ChatGPT. You can customize templates for common tasks and automate actions. Paste the response back into your application using a shortcut. PaletteBrain integrates seamlessly with your favorite apps without disrupting your existing workflow.
Core freatures:
Unlock the power of ChatGPT across all your Mac applicationsCustomizable templates for automating common actionsIntegrates with your favorite apps without disrupting workflowNo more copy and paste hassleImproved productivity with shortcutsStreamline workflow and boost productivityCompatible with macOS 10.12+ Intel and Apple Silicon
Use case:

Writing better and faster

Coding faster and more accurately

Getting quick answers to questions

Automating common actions

Improving productivity and efficiency

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