PageWise AI

PageWise AI is an AI-powered tool that provides intuitive, conversational access to your Confluence pages in Slack. It eliminates the need for repetitive searches and allows users to access relevant information directly within Slack.

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how to use:
To use PageWise AI, you need to integrate it with your Slack and Confluence accounts. Set up is easy and requires no technical knowledge. Once integrated, you can ask PageWise AI questions and have it provide you with intelligent responses based on the content in your Confluence pages.
Core freatures:
Conversational access to Confluence pages in SlackEffortless integration with Slack and ConfluenceElimination of tedious searches through Confluence spacesReduction of repetitive queriesUncovering hidden insights and connections within Confluence pagesStreamlining of team communicationScalability to meet growing business needs
Use case:

Quickly find information from Confluence pages without leaving Slack

Eliminate time wasted on repetitive questions

Streamline discussions by referencing relevant information

Enhance team communication and collaboration

Discover hidden insights and connections within Confluence pages

FAQ list:
What language model does PageWise use? What is an ingestion token and how many do I need? How is my chatbot kept up to date with changing data?


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