Outset.ai is an AI-moderated research platform that allows users to conduct interviews on autopilot. It leverages an AI interviewer to engage participants in rich discussions and analyze the transcripts to provide valuable insights.

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how to use:
To use Outset.ai, follow these steps:
1. Login to the AI-Moderated Research Platform.
2. Upload a guide or create one with AI.
3. Share the interview link with participants or users.
4. Let the AI interviewer conduct the interview and probe deeper.
5. Watch AI analyze the transcripts and provide summaries, themes, and powerful verbatims.
Core freatures:
AI-moderated interviewsFast and efficient insightsMulti-language supportAutomatic analysis of transcriptsSummary generationTheme extractionPowerful verbatim highlighting
Use case:

In-depth interviews

Concept testing

Diary studies

Sentiment analysis

Brand equity research

Survey open-ends

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