Outline is an AI-powered collaborative document editor that helps you write better and faster. It eliminates writer’s block and provides AI tools to assist with writing tasks.

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how to use:
To use Outline, start by creating a free account and logging in. Once logged in, you can begin writing and collaborating on documents with others. Highlight text to access AI editing tools or chat with a personal AI assistant for facts, research, and ideas. You can also give AI commands to have it complete specific tasks. Outline offers a free trial with limited AI-generated words and assistant messages.
Core freatures:
Outline’s core features include AI-powered writing assistance, collaborative document editing, AI editing tools accessible through text highlighting, and a personal AI assistant for chat-based assistance.
Use case:

Outline is useful for writers, content creators, and anyone who wants to improve their writing productivity. It can be used for various purposes such as writing articles, essays, videos scripts, and more.

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