Otter AI is an AI-powered platform that provides automatic meeting notes with real-time transcription, recorded audio, automated slide capture, and meeting summaries. It helps improve productivity and collaboration in meetings by providing a comprehensive record of discussions and enabling easy access to key information.

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how to use:
To use, simply download the app for iOS or Android devices, or use the Chrome extension to access it in your browser. You can also integrate with your Google or Microsoft calendar to automatically join and record your meetings on platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. During the meeting, transcribes the audio in real-time, captures slides automatically, and generates a live summary. After the meeting, you can collaborate with your team by adding comments, highlighting key points, and assigning action items in the live transcript. also provides automated meeting notes and sends a summary via email for easy reference.
Core freatures:
Real-time transcriptionRecorded audioAutomated slide captureAutomated meeting summariesCollaboration features (comments, highlights, action item assignment)Integration with Google and Microsoft calendarCompatibility with platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet
Use case:

Product Teams – Keeping the team aligned on key deliverables

Sales Teams – Closing deals and onboarding new customers faster

Media Teams – Creating compelling stories using detailed notes

Education – Helping students and faculty succeed

Individuals – Increasing productivity with live recording and transcription

FAQ list:
What platforms does integrate with? Can capture slides during a virtual meeting? How can I collaborate with my team using Can generate automated meeting notes? Does provide a live summary of the meeting?


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