Ortto is a marketing automation and customer data platform that unifies customer data, messaging, and analytics on a single platform. It helps businesses to streamline their marketing processes, engage with customers throughout their lifecycle, and gain insights from customer data.

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how to use:
To use Ortto, you can start by integrating and segmenting your customer data on the platform’s customer data platform (CDP). Then, you can create customer journeys to engage with your audience across various channels using AI-powered omnichannel engagement. Ortto also offers features such as email marketing, SMS marketing, push notifications, live chat, in-app messages, popups, forms, and surveys. Additionally, you can use Ortto AI to optimize your messaging with integrated AI marketing tools. Finally, you can analyze and visualize your customer data using Ortto’s analytics feature.
Core freatures:
Customer data platform for integrating, unifying, and segmenting customer dataJourney builder for creating and managing customer journeysTalk feature for AI-powered live chat and omnichannel inboxOrtto AI for time-saving and optimized messaging with AI marketing toolsAnalytics for understanding and visualizing customer dataEmail marketing, SMS marketing, and push notificationsLive chat, in-app messages, popups, forms, and surveys
Use case:

Streamline marketing processes

Engage with customers throughout their lifecycle

Gain insights from customer data

Optimize messaging with AI-powered tools

Improve customer communication through multiple channels

FAQ list:
What is Ortto used for? What are the core features of Ortto? How can I use Ortto to engage with customers? Does Ortto offer AI-powered tools? What is the pricing of Ortto?


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