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Orquesta is a real-time collaboration and no-code platform that infuses your SaaS with LLM (Large Language Model) capabilities. It offers LLM Ops, Prompt Management, Prompt Engineering, and Remote Configurations to help you experiment, operate, and gain real-time observability of your SaaS and LLM Ops.

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how to use:
To use Orquesta, you can start by signing up for early access or scheduling a demo on their website. Once onboarded, you can integrate Orquesta into your SaaS by following the provided documentation and SDKs. Orquesta provides a no-code collaboration tooling for prompt engineering, experimentation, operations, and monitoring. It allows you to manage your use of public and private LLMs from a single source with transparency on performance and costs. You can speed up time-to-market by adapting new LLM providers, models, and features easily. Orquesta empowers your product teams to experiment and collaborate with LLM Ops and prompt engineering, reducing engineering time and increasing transparency within teams.
Core freatures:
LLM OpsPrompt ManagementPrompt EngineeringRemote ConfigurationsReal-time CollaborationNo-code PlatformExperimentationOperations MonitoringQuantitative Feedback CollectionQualitative Feedback CollectionProduct ManagementBusiness Rules ManagementKnowledge Center
Use case:

Infusing SaaS with LLM capabilities

Speeding up time-to-market

Collaborative prompt engineering

Experimenting in production

Real-time performance and cost monitoring

Customizing and localizing prompts

Empowering product teams for continuous improvement

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