OpenOs is the ultimate no-code predictive analysis tool that allows users to uncover data insights without coding. It offers a natural language to SQL interface, advanced analytics, and the ability to build predictive models. OpenOs helps teams in marketing, product, and customer success to harness the power of data science for their decision-making process.

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how to use:
To use OpenOs, simply sign up for an account and connect your data source. Once connected, you can build predictive models by typing natural language queries such as ‘Predict user churn & purchases for users from Source A within the next 7 days’. OpenOs delivers real-time predictive insights, provides feature analysis and smart segmentation, and allows for time series analysis to forecast metrics. Additionally, you can integrate OpenOs with your favorite tools like Google Analytics and Mixpanel for real-time ML analysis.
Core freatures:
No-code advanced analyticsBuild regression & classification ML modelsReal-time predictive insightsFeature analysis & smart segmentationNatural language to SQL interfaceTime series analysis for forecastingIntegrations with favorite toolsAutomated AI reportsReal-time analytics & integrations
Use case:

Optimize campaigns and identify key attributes for marketing and growth teams

Prioritize user engagement and gain insights for sales and customer success teams

Understand the predicted impact of product or feature releases for product teams

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