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Openfabric is a decentralized AI platform that enables the collaboration between AI innovators, data providers, businesses, and infrastructure providers to create and use new intelligent algorithms and services.

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how to use:
To use Openfabric, you can join as an Innovator to build and monetize AI-Apps, deploy infrastructure and rent your computing power, or publish data to fuel the next-gen AI-Apps. You can also become an Ambassador or a Promoter to create bridges and opportunities, or join as a Validator to secure network operation. For early access, you can sign up and get access to the Alpha version of the technology.
Core freatures:
The core features of Openfabric include:
1. AI Genome Generator: Openfabric harnesses the power of blockchain, advanced cryptography, and novel infrastructure to create a new foundation for AI-Apps.
2. Monetization: Openfabric lowers the infrastructure demand and technical know-how required to utilize AI-Apps, facilitating new market opportunities.
3. Community: Openfabric stimulates fair market competition, creating large, vibrant, and collaborative communities.
4. Scalability: Openfabric leverages blockchain technologies to ensure execution scalability and eliminate vendor lockup.
5. Openfabric Ecosystem: Secure your seat in the new Internet of AI by joining Openfabric and gaining a high-tech competitive edge.
Use case:

Openfabric can be used in various use cases, including:
1. Solving business problems: Openfabric enables end-users to solve particular business problems and enrich their products or services with an extra layer of intelligence.
2. AI algorithm development: AI innovators can utilize Openfabric to create elaborate, practical AI algorithms that solve complex business problems.
3. Infrastructure provision: Infrastructure providers can bring platform hardware capabilities to successfully run and train AIs.
4. Data distribution: Data providers ensure the distribution of the vast amount of data required for training and testing AI algorithms.

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