OnlyInterns is a platform that helps users find top Silicon Valley growth internships. It enables companies to connect with potential interns and allows interns to explore and apply for growth-focused opportunities in the startup ecosystem of Silicon Valley.

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how to use:
To use OnlyInterns, companies can sign up and create a profile, listing their internship opportunities. Interns can also sign up and create a profile, showcasing their skills and preferences. Interns can then search for growth internships and apply once using the platform’s AI agent, which generates and submits tailored applications to top early stage Silicon Valley companies on their behalf.
Core freatures:
The core features of OnlyInterns include:
1. Internship Matching: Companies and interns can match based on their requirements and preferences.
2. AI Application Agent: Interns can apply for multiple internships by submitting a single application, generated and tailored by an AI agent.
3. Startup Ecosystem: OnlyInterns focuses on growth internships within the startup ecosystem of Silicon Valley.
4. Easy Communication: The platform facilitates seamless communication between companies and potential interns.
Use case:

OnlyInterns caters to the following use cases:
1. Startups Seeking Interns: Early stage Silicon Valley companies can leverage OnlyInterns to find growth-focused interns that align with their requirements.
2. Interns Exploring Growth Opportunities: Aspiring interns interested in the Silicon Valley startup scene can use OnlyInterns to discover and apply for growth internships tailored to their skills and interests.

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