Octavia AI

Octavia is a web3 AI crypto assistant powered by the VIA token. It serves as an assistant for researching coins, projects, and trading in the crypto space.

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how to use:
To use Octavia, you can connect your wallet and visit your Octavia profile to join the waitlist. Octavia has access to the blockchain and the web, allowing it to assist with research, trading, and more. You can also chat with Octavia on Telegram and Discord to experience an early version of its technology.
Core freatures:
Octavia offers the following core features:
1. On-chain AI: Octavia has access to the internet and the blockchain, enabling it to retrieve information about tokens, wallets, contracts, and more.
2. Secure Wallet Connectivity: Octavia can perform on-chain actions such as buying and selling tokens, scheduling orders, and participating in presales.
3. Revolutionary AI Memory: Octavia learns about you and your preferences, continuously improving its assistance.

Use case:

Octavia can be used for various purposes, including:
1. Research: Octavia can provide information about coins, projects, and other crypto-related topics.
2. Trading: Octavia can assist you in buying, selling, and managing your crypto assets.
3. Presale Participation: Octavia can help you participate in presales and manage your investments.
4. Personalized Assistance: Octavia learns about your preferences and tailors its assistance to your specific needs.

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